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Trumpet Lessons

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Trumpet lessons at the Bern Music Studio will bring out the confidence the student needs to be successful in the band trumpet section. The trumpet section is the leader of the band. When the trumpet section is strong, the band is strong. A strong trumpet section needs each trumpet player to also be strong and competent. The strong trumpet player becomes a leader, not only in band, but also in other activities in school. Band builds confidence which flows over to every aspect of the student’s daily life.

Even though trumpets are generally loud, they can be played softly and expressively with practice. At Bern Music Studio, trumpet lessons help students improve their technical playing ability, and they learn how to play expressively. We use the same method book as the band, and the students will be given help with their band music as needed. We also encourage learning solos so that they can really stand out and shine!

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It is so much fun to play in the trumpet section in band.  Take trumpet lessons to have more fun in band!

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Trumpet History

Metal trumpets date back to 1500 BC. They were mainly used as signaling instruments for the military and religious services. The trumpet began being used as a musical instrument in orchestras in the 1400’s in Europe. They either had long, straight tubing, or the tubing was wrapped around like you can see in the picture below. There were no valves, so not many notes could be played. The modern trumpet came to be with the invention of valves in 1818. Enjoy the video below showing how this early trumpet replica sounds. Notice how beautifully he plays even without the benefit of valves.