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Mrs. Christine Bern is the owner and teacher.

teacher Christine Bern

Experience is Key – Professional Musician and Educator

“Teaching is my way to share all of the rich experiences I have had as a professional musician and educator. My goal is for each student to develop a passionate love of music so that they will enjoy making music throughout their lives.”

Mrs. Bern began playing the piano at age 4 and continued piano lessons through high school. Her piano teacher wanted her to major in piano at a university music school. Mrs. Bern, who played bass clarinet and then French horn in the high school band, decided instead to major in French horn.

Christine Bern earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Syracuse University and a Master of Music degree from Yale University. She played in the local professional orchestras while going to school.

After Yale, she became a free-lance musician in New York City. For many years she played in orchestras for Broadway shows, ballet, opera, symphonies, recordings, and in bands. She also performed at Carnegie Hall many times.

Later, Christine Bern became a teacher of General Music and Chorus in public school here in Arizona, and taught private lessons from her home.

Christine Bern and chorusShe moved to California for a few years becoming a piano teacher in a music studio and participating in the Santa Clarita Master Chorale as the Alto Section Leader. She is now back home in Arizona.

Throughout her decades-long music career, Mrs. Bern has taught private lessons in piano, brass, and woodwind instruments.

Mrs. Bern currently lives in North Phoenix.

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