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Piano Lessons

Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate Levels / Students in grades 3-12 and Adults

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Piano lessons at the Bern Music Studio start with students playing the music they enjoy from day one!

There is an abundance of piano music in every level and in every style you can think of: classical, pop, folk, country, rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, blues, show-tunes, movie music, Disney, etc.

At the Bern Music Studio, students play the music they enjoy while they are learning proper technique. Learning to play the piano does not need to be hard. The piano lessons are tailored to the individual. There is no pressure to go a fast pace. The goal is to enjoy playing music, and to gain the confidence and self-discipline that will be valuable for years to come.

Learning to play the piano before playing any other instrument is a good idea. The piano lessons at Bern Music Studio create a solid musical foundation so that students can pick up and play any other instrument with ease.

Mrs. Bern: “I had a middle school piano student many years ago who played beautifully. His mother wanted him to keep taking piano lessons, but he had other ideas. He decided to play the saxophone, and because he had a strong musical foundation on the piano, it was very easy for him. He was able to go right into the high school band. Later, his mom told me that she really enjoyed being a Band Parent!”

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Piano Lessons for Students in Grades 3-8

girl taking piano lessons in phoenix

Elementary and middle school students will have private piano lessons, and will also have the opportunity to join in a group lesson from time to time. In group they will perform for their peers and learn musical concepts together.

Participating in a group activity is motivating, and students gain confidence and a feeling of success and pride as they see what they are able to accomplish.

Review from parent: “Mrs. Bern is an excellent piano teacher. She is very professional, patient, and kind. She challenges, encourages, and motivates my daughter to try her best with no pressure and to improve her skills. I highly recommend Mrs. Bern!”

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Piano Lessons for Teens and Adults

teen playing pianoAt Bern Music Studio, teens and adults will receive private lessons. Each lesson is tailored for the individual. First and foremost is playing the music the student enjoys while working on improving technical skills. There also may be a method book as needed. Beginners are welcome.

Playing the piano is a skill that lasts a lifetime. After a stressful day, there is nothing like sitting down at the piano and relaxing inside the music.

Review from adult student: “I took lessons from Christine in California. She was very professional and patient. She gave me the confidence to perform at the Christmas recital which was something I thought I would never do especially since I was performing with children. I was the oldest one there. What made it memorable was the kids were so supportive as was Christine.”

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First Keyboard Instrument

The very first musical keyboard was invented by a Greek named Ctesibius around 250 BCE. It was powered by water and was the very first pipe organ. The video below shows a modern musician playing a replica of this instrument in a park. Enjoy listening to how it sounds!