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French Horn Lessons

boy with french horn

The French horn has the most beautiful sound compared to every other instrument in the brass section of the band. But the tiny mouthpiece and the curved tubing, that makes the beautiful sound, makes it the most difficult instrument in the brass section to play. It is all too easy to flub notes and play out of tune. Time for French horn lessons!

With French horn lessons at the Bern Music Studio, the student will learn the secrets to playing in tune and strengthen the mouth muscles to gain more control. The band method book will be used, and help will be given on the band music as needed. French horn lessons will also include playing solos to help the student learn how to bring out the beauty of the French horn’s tone. The goal is to increase skill level and for them to become a very stable player.

Through French horn lessons, the student will become more focused with improved concentration. This will also be helpful in many areas of their life at school and beyond.

French horn lessons are online.

french horn sectionFrench horn players are needed in the band and are much appreciated. Ideally, there are usually at least four French horns in the band. Each French horn player has their own part. Therefore, they need to be very confident about what they are doing. When there are four or more French horns in the band, it is so much fun to play together in a section.

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French Horn History

In the 1600’s in Europe, a single-coiled metal instrument was used as a signaling instrument for the hunt and for battle. Even though it had the curved tubing like the French horn shape we know of today, it was still called a trumpet.  

Around 1680, in Paris, the first official French horn used for hunting was invented. The French horn then began being used in orchestras. It could only play a few notes, though. That all changed in 1818 when valves were invented. Enjoy listening to these replicas of original French horns.