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Clarinet Lessons

girl playing clarinetThere are usually many clarinets in the band, and the clarinet is not too difficult an instrument to learn to play. The clarinet is the one instrument that best mimics the flexibility of the human singing voice. With clarinet lessons at the Bern Music Studio, we will work on getting the student’s clarinet playing to “sing”.

Clarinet lessons also will focus on improving technique by using the band method book, and giving help on band music as needed. In addition, playing solos will also be encouraged so that the student can work on perfecting the rich, mellow sound of the low register and the brilliant, bright sound of the high register, and gain confidence to really enjoy being in the band.

bass clarinetAnother common clarinet in the band is the bass clarinet. It has a beautiful, dark, rich tone that can sound somber or mysterious. If this is the instrument the student plays, lessons are available for it, too. 

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clarinet section


Clarinet sections in the band can be very large, sometimes having as many as 30 clarinets. That makes it really fun to play in the clarinet section and make lots of friends!

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Clarinet History

In the 1600’s in Europe, there was no clarinet yet. The instrument used for upper notes was the trumpet, but there was a problem. The trumpet had no valves at that time and could not play all of the notes that the composers needed. So a “mock trumpet” was invented called the “chalumeau”.

The chalumeau played in the same range as the trumpet, but could play a lot more notes. It looked similar to a recorder, but had a reed in the mouthpiece giving it a different and louder sound.

A register key was added around 1700 which was the beginning of the modern clarinet. Over time, more keys and improvements were made. Final modifications were made in 1830 creating the clarinet that we know of today.

Listen to the chalumeau below.