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Piano Lessons for Adult Beginners

woman taking piano/keyboard lessons


Have you always wanted to take piano lessons, but never had the time? Did you take piano lessons as a child and feel like you don’t remember anything? It is never too late to take lessons and start enjoying playing music.


With lessons at the Bern Music Studio, students learn  to play the fun music that they want to learn in addition to building a strong foundation in music. Lessons are online for convenience and safety.

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Reviews from adult students

“Fantastic teacher. Each lesson is so much fun. She is organised, helps me to structure my practise, and takes the time to ensure what I’m doing and why. Love her lessons.”

“Chris is an excellent teacher. I was so nervous about learning the piano, but she makes learning fun! I would highly recommend.”


Yamaha digital piano“Do I need to own a piano to take lessons? A piano is too expensive.”

NO! All you need is an inexpensive electronic keyboard: 88 keys, weighted keys, and a sustain pedal. I prefer a keyboard with many different sounds because they add to the fun.


older man taking piano/keyboard lessons“Why can’t I play the piano anymore? It has just seemed to have left me.”

More than likely, you are just rusty. Playing the piano is just like playing a sport. When we stop doing it, we get out of shape and have to build up again. Lessons will help you get back in shape and learn even more!


“What is the fastest way to learn to play the piano?”

Take lessons and practice every day at least 1/2 hour. Being consistent in daily practice helps you learn faster. You will learn new concepts at the lesson, but your daily practice is where you get those concepts into your fingers and brain.