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Music Lessons for JOY!

Everyone loves music. But there is a difference between loving to listen to music and the joy that awakens within us when we are in the music. We are in the music when we play an instrument. Bern Music Studio offers music lessons on piano and these band instruments: trumpet, French horn, and clarinet.

Lessons are taught online. Location is not an issue.

Piano Lessons

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For students in grades 5-8 and adults.

Did you take piano lessons as a child?

Were your piano lessons boring? Did you hate to practice? Chances are, if you did take piano lessons as a child, you weren’t too thrilled. The old, traditional method of learning how to play the piano was not fun. It still isn’t.

Piano lessons at the Bern Music Studio are enjoyable because music is enjoyable. Students learn  to play the piano with the fun music that they want to learn.

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School Band Instrument Lessons 

Trumpet, French Horn, and Clarinet Lessons for students in Elementary and Middle School Bands

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Your child was so excited to join the band! You even bought your child a new instrument. Then they came home one day from school and said that they don’t want to be in band anymore. More than likely, the reason is because they are having trouble playing the music. All they need is private lessons!

With music lessons from the Bern Music Studio they will gain confidence and start having fun in band. Band teaches teambuilding skills, leadership skills, and social skills that will last a lifetime. With lessons on their instrument, your child will gain the skills and confidence they need to start having fun in band. They will be overjoyed at what they are able to accomplish. Find out more:

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